Hello, my name is Kate, and I am an epic procrastinator.  Either that, or I let my ADD get in the way of my school work.  I would delve into more about it, but there’s Facebook and Twitter and news and blogs and other incredibly fun stuff to read.

Today, I am avoiding writing a three to five page essay for my accounting class.  The boy child is at daycare and the house is quiet, so I really have no excuse.  But I would much rather fold laundry than write this essay.  Did I mention that it is due on Sunday?  Or that we have company for another two and a half weeks?  No?  Maybe I should have.

I have known about this assignment since the first week of the term.  We are currently in week six of this term, which means I should have done research and some pre-writing a few weeks ago.  But again, I’m avoiding the work.  Since the boy child has been in daycare today, I have been able to gather my research, and all I really need to do is write.  You know, just sit down, bang out the darned thing, and finish it.

What are you avoiding today?


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  1. Calling the dentist. Alas, I’ve been swamped at work, no procrastination allowed.

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